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Born and brought up in an aristocratic family of practicing traditional Unani physicians Hakim Dr. SHABEER AHAMED ROY (S. A. Roy) has a strong and solid background of Unani practice for almost 4 decades now. He is the glorious son of an illustrious father late HAKIM Dr. MOHAMMED SHARIEF ROY who was a much-acclaimed physician of his times. Hakim Dr. SHABEER AHAMED ROY (S. A. Roy) has inherited his father’s healing mantra and decided to take up Unani as his way of life.

As he started practicing authentic Unani, he discovered that Unani is not as simple as many thinks. His inquisitive mind and the quest for in-depth knowledge made him an ardent seeker of knowledge about Unani. He started his research works at a very young age.

He went through the intricacies of the understanding patient, illness, and healing at deep levels and made up his mind to practice an Unani system of medicine for the love of it. He never considered treatment as a way of making money, but each new case has given him the rich experience which still remains his asset beyond anything else.

One hindrance he found out in getting results for patients was the inferior quality of medicines available in the market. He wanted a change from this for the benefit of his patients. Hence with the support of his wife Mrs. SABIYA ROY, he started his research into the production of genuine herbal Unani medicines. That was a revolution when the Roy's succeeded in developing genuine medicines exactly as per the Unani formula and the results were exemplary.

Even then, he never went looking around for patients, but patients from all over north Kerala started coming to him by word of mouth from happy patients. As his name and fame spread beyond the borders of Kerala, non-resident Keralites and then Arabs, Sri Lankans, Maldives, Malaysians, Singaporeans, and other foreigners came seeking his guidance and counseling. Now he serves across the globe without compromising the quality of treatment and authenticity of medicines.

He is the pioneer in launching a website for promoting Unani. Then, by investing a lot of money, he converted it also in vernacular language to benefit his large number of patients who are more comfortable with vernacular. He has published many booklets and papers for promoting the Unani system.

The tech-savvy Hakim Dr. SHABEER AHAMED ROY has played a key role in making the educated youth understand the benefits of Unani as against other systems of medicine. Now he has a large number of highly qualified youth approaching him online and offline for his guidance and treatment.

His love and dedication for Unani turned to be an inspiration for his children and all three of them went their father’s way. 

He has been honored by various socio-cultural forums on many occasions for his outstanding contribution to the practice and promotion of genuine Unani system. The medical fraternity has recognized his achievements when the former Health Minister of Delhi handed over the coveted ‘Hakim Ajmal Khan Memorial Global Award for Best Unani Physician’ No award or honor make him arrogant but considers all of these as a better way to serve the suffering patients. His commitment, saga for the practice and promotion of Unani will be remembered by generations and will inspire the upcoming practitioners.

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Receiving an international award for the Best Unani Physician at the First International Conference on UNANIPATHY and Complimentary Medicine held in Dubai on 11th June 2012.


The people of Malabar celebrated the great achievement of their favourite Unani Physician Dr. Shabeer Ahamed Roy

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