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Best Sexologist in United Kingdom to treat ED and PE


Jaffer Khan Colony | Calicut | Kerala | India

Sexologist Doctor - Sexology Clinic

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Established in 1960

Best Sexologist in United Kingdom to treat ED and PE

Best Sexologist and Infertility Clinic

Sexologist doctors for Global Online Consultation Service

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Medicine, treatment, and counseling for male and female sexual problems by highly skilled sexologist doctors.

Almost all sexual health problems can be treated with proper counseling and medication, but unfortunately, many people suffer silently and do not seek expert medical help.

In the end, this complex emotional issue destroys the relationship between husband and wife. Ultimately creating a permanent depression in life and leading them to get divorced.

We understand that talking about sexual problems is a little embarrassing. But you need not worry; We have successfully treated patients like you with the unique combination of Unani medical treatments and the best counseling.

Our therapy will boost your confidence, and self-esteem and relieve stress in your daily life.

Our doctors have been collecting information through decades of research and regular medical practice. Our doctors have rich experience in combining ancient knowledge of Unani medicine with modern science to help people achieve a successful sense of happy sex life.

Each member of Dr. Roy Medical Hall is dedicated to caring for the patient's expectations by providing proper medical care.

The procedure for online consultation

Every person has a unique physical and mental constitution, therefore we need detailed information to provide them with suitable medicine.

We have included the questions in the online consultation form in such a way that it helps our doctors to understand the physical and mental condition of the patients.

So first of all, you need to provide all the information to us through the online consultation form on our website.

Individuals who are suffering from chronic conditions kindly provide us with the latest lab report mentioned below.

Semen Analysis

Testosterone Hormone Test

Random Blood Sugar Test.

Urine Test.

Our doctors verify every detail in the consultation form and then prescribe the necessary medicine.

If you are unable to understand the details or wish to speak to our doctor over the phone, you will have to pay a consultation fee of USD 25.

We will provide the personal number of the doctor with a fixed time for a phone consultation.

You can talk to our doctor only in English, Hindi, Malayalam, and Tamil.

After completion of the online consultation process. We will deliver the medicines directly to the patients from our clinic. Kindly note that our medicines are not available on the open market.

There is no charge to use the consultation form, it is free to start with.


We provide online consulting services at all these locations, Best Sexologist Doctor and Top Sexology Clinic for Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Alain, Ajman, Ras Al-Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Jeddah, Dammam, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal, Mauritius, Indonesia, Myanmar, Maldives, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Canada, Turkey, United Kingdom, USA, South Africa, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Algeria, Sudan, Morocco, Angola, Mozambique, Ghana, Madagascar, Cameroon, Mali, Malawi, Zambia, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, Mauritania, Tunisia, Togo, Mauritania, Namibia, Gambia, Botswana, Seychelles, and other countries as well.



Best Sexologist Doctor | Sexology clinic for global online consultation.

Best Sexologist Doctor | Sexology clinic for global online consultation.

Best Sexologist Doctor | Sexology clinic for global online consultation.



ROY MEDICAL HALL, 5/2663-B, Jaffer Khan Colony, Calicut. 673006, Kerala, India.

+91 9349113791
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ALFA HEALTH CENTRE, Near ESI Hospital, L-Lane, Gandhi Nagar, Olarikkara, Thrissur - 680012, Kerala, India.

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Jaffer Khan Colony

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